Monday, December 30, 2019

Bengaluru's oldest inscription stone

Went looking for namma Bengaluru's oldest inscription stone from 890 CE at the Pancha Linga Nageshwara Temple in Begur on the city outskirts, thanks to an article I recently read. This is the earliest documented evidence mentioning the existence of Bengaluru as early as the 9th century. Was great to see, touch and feel these herostones and feel connected to my city that has a timeline longer than 1100 years!

The temple is being renovated and one can see newly constructed gopuras and fresh carvings on new stone panels. However, many ancient stone panels with beautiful carvings are pathetically hidden at the back of the temple, away from most eyes.

These historic inscription stones are hidden behind some rusted junk and a garbage patch. Many devotees who come to pray at the temple are unaware of their existence. There are large boards mentioning the names of the new donors sponsoring the renovation, but none about the historical significance of this temple. So it's easy to miss the inscription stones. Feel sorry to see something so ancient lying in a state of neglect.

Interesting to how the same place can make you feel proud and disappointed at the same time!

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