Sunday, July 12, 2015

Rebuilding Nepal

Hello reader,

I am heading to Nepal for 2 weeks in Oct to volunteer with a group that's working to rebuild communities destroyed by the earthquake in April.

Some of these guys were visiting Nepal and hiking the Himalayas when the earthquake happened. They decided to stay back and volunteer in some villages. My coworker knows them personally and has been assisting them with fund raising and organizing supplies from everywhere. I decided to join her team and help out.

The idea is to work with another local NGO in Nepal to clear rubble and build new buildings using locally available materials. So far, Conscious Impact has been working on the logistics and waiting for monsoon to end. Hence this effort will go full swing from September.

Rebuilding your life and home with your family after you've lost everything can't be easy. Am looking forward to helping families in this herculean mission.

I started raising funds for this effort today. Please support me with your donation at

Thank you for contribution!

I will keep you posted about the changes you helped bring about once I return from this trip.

Yours truly.