Sunday, April 10, 2005

English Quotes & Proverbs

Ok, my previous post was about Kannada Proverbs.

Even though Kannada is my mother-tongue, English is my first love. The intricacies of this language fascinate me. I find myself better equipped to express my true feelings in English; this probably also explains why I'm usually at a loss and groping for words in Kannada. So I guess it's nothing out of the ordinary that I've chosen this as the topic for my next post.

To start out with, I've included some of the quotes that have had much impact on me. I will continue to do the same and request your contributions too.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Kannada Proverbs

Even though Kannada is my mother tongue, I must admit my Kannada vocabulary is rather limited. But I really enjoy hearing the many proverbs. Of course, proverbs are part of every language. However, for now, I'm only interested in collecting Kannada proverbs.

So, please share with me any that you know of. Thanks!!